Thursday, August 11, 2011

I Don't Want to Die on a Day Like This

I know what it means to die now
Thinking abstractly does not do it.
With only my words sitting in my yard, I begin to cry.
The May day of bloom and sun and beautiful daughter's,

And through my sun glassed sun drenched teary eyes
I see blue heavens sparkling through maples
And buds so young and green,
Witnessing life growing.

Birdsong is beautiful; but not like this.
Thinking about my time so imminent
I know what I see of my canoe and my daughter-
She's spraying and playing and tending the garden-
Is but a moment of forgotten time.

As I realize this, my heart aches to know I will lose this;
This moment- the ache of knowing what I will miss-
I don't want to die on a day like this.

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